Nextcloud Revisited

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Well, it was March when I last created a Nextcloud instance, and there have been extensive updates since then (two major versions), and Debian Stretch, has gone from 9.4 all the way to 9.9. At any rate, I was charged with creating a new instance on a VPS, and I used Digital Ocean, which is currently providing Debian 9.7. My first stumbling block DNS propogation, as was taking forever today. After much waiting, I gave a giant TTL to it, and was able to proceed. No sooner than I finished the LAMP and TLS, however, that my next hurdle was how much hand changed in three months. I chose (or almost needed) to run Nextcloud 15.x because the stock php on a debian vps at Digital Ocean is 7.0. I did not want to tinker with backports – I wanted everything long term and production ready. As opposed to my self-hosted instance at home, however, this particular combination had multiple tweaks required in order to be fully optimized with no errors – and although it was up and running within about an hour, it was not problem free and clean until twelve hours later. I revised my previous Nextcloud entry at Haack’s Wiki to reflect the changes needed for this combination. Pretty soon, I will start adding wiki entries for specific OS version and software versions, as the changes will be too extreme to keep live-updating, and moreover, it is nice to have legacy set-ups documented for older hardware installs, and production environments requiring it. Alright, feel free to visit Haack’s Wiki Nextcloud and review all the little bugs and tweaks that I got worked out!

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