NM Community BigBlueButton Project

NM Education Leaders,

Status update: alpha testing only, server broken, audio/video down, screen sharing still up open to public (05-02-20; 09:26pm)
Status update: server on hiatus until STUN malfunction and browser inter-operability issues are fixed (Winter 2020)

I have created a NM Community Big Blue Button instance and it is open for testing. The NM Community BBB alliance is part of the greater Free Schools project, centered in Santa Fe, NM. (More information on Free Schools at the bottom of this post.)

The server is in “alpha” and is not fully functional. It will be of benefit if other technologists could test the server (debug with console) and provide feedback on issues/errors and potential culprits for the problems. The testing server is located here:


Please email any bugs or issues here:


Known bugs that exist at present include but are not limited to:

  • Firefox audio error 1020
  • Chromium audio error 103

The server will remain open for public testing unless load or usage prove to be an issue. If they are, then future instructions on how to test with authentication will provided here if/when necessary.

Successful all-features-passed tests have occurred on:

  • Chromium stable on Ubuntu 20.04 -to- iOS (was working)
  • Chromium stable on Ubuntu 20.04 -to- Android OS (presumed to work)
  • Chromium stable on Debian 10.3 -to- iOS (presumed to work)
  • Chromium stable on Debian 10.3 -to- Android OS (presumed to work)

Thanks for your interest and support. For more information on the Free Schools project, please see this post. If this proves to be a success, I will make a dedicated page later.

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